Managing and overcoming stress

Managing and overcoming stress

TL;DR: Identify stress' root and start addressing the issue.

Stress isn't from hard work. It's from being inactive over something you can control.

You want a new job, and you get stressed out because you don't have a job yet. Then you realize you've not been applying for jobs lately, you're not checking the job boards to see what jobs are out there, and you're also inactive on LinkedIn. No wonder why you're stressed!

Just take some time, apply for some jobs, put something on LinkedIn, and the stress goes down drastically. Even if it leads to nothing - at least you've done something that you can control.

"STRESS DOESN'T COME FROM HARD WORK, but from ignoring something that shouldn't be ignored"

These are Jeff Bezos's words that were a game-changer in my way of dealing with stress.

Just follow his two-steps advise and your life will change, I guarantee it:

1. Identify the root of stress.
2. Take action: Send that email, make that phone call, start preparing for that job interview.

Start addressing the situation, you don't need to solve the situation, just take action on something that you can control.

That's all!

Stress comes from not taking action on something that you can have some control over: Take control, start addressing the situation, and stress will drastically decrease.