The Most Dangerous Words You Can Say to Yourself

The Most Dangerous Words You Can Say to Yourself

"I can't" is a self-limiting phrase none of us should say. We will regret it. TL;DR: Yes, you CAN once you knock down the imaginary walls that only e

Once, my barber told me that he was kicked out of school when he was 11 years old. Since he wasn't getting great grades, his parents thought it wasn't worth investing further in his education and sent him to work right away.

Nowadays, he is over 70 years old, has a family, and has built a successful business. Despite his achievements, he still carries the stigma imposed by his parents.

After pointing out the facts and highlighting all his achievements, he very slowly started to break down the imaginary wall that has been in his imagination for over 60 years! Nowadays, each time I get a haircut, he comments about a new book he is reading, new words he has learned, and he is even considering finishing school!

Let's work TOGETHER to knock down those walls, let's figure out TOGETHER how to learn what you don't know YET. You are not alone.

It's never too late to start believing in yourself. We only have a very short time in this world; let's not waste even a minute.